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Karen's Story

Karen Brinton - Participant in the Dusty’s Place Scleroderma Research Program
Start Date – October 28th 2004
- Completed March 2006

 December 2004 - The rheumatologist gently said, as he took both my hands in his, “I’m sorry  to tell you this but you have a disease called “Scleroderma”.  That was in   September 2003.more….

The First Nine Months
The following are excerpts from Karen's personal journal about her first nine months in The Dusty's Place Scleroderma Research Program. more.....

Today - It has been over five years since Karen finished the Dusty's Place Scleroderma Research Program. Today, she is still scleroderma free.

A Father's Story

Richard Brinton is the father of Karen

The following is a letter written by Richard Brinton. This was written in
 a fund-raising capacity to solicit funds for Dusty’s Place on behalf of
 his daughter Karen, diagnosed with systemic scleroderma.

November 2004 - Scleroderma. Until my eldest daughter, Karen, told me her diagnosis, I had never heard the word. more….

February 2006
- Last week my wife and I received a phone call from our daughter Karen. “Papa ! I just got my blood tests back and I’m ANA negative!” more....

June 2009 - The recent update of "A Father's Story"more....

Betsy's Story

Neither Karen’s father nor I remember hearing the word “scleroderma” before her diagnosis. When Karen first told us about it, we were terrified. When we searched the web for more information, “terrified” didn’t come close to describing what we felt. How could this happen? more…

JoAnna's Story 

   May 8, 2007 - In 2000, I went to a dermatologist to tell him that my right index finger gets cold and turns blue off and on. I also mentioned that both my hands seem to get colder faster than normal and it took longer than normal to warm them up. He asked me if I had pain. I did not. Then he said it was most likely Raynaud's phenomenon, and if it does not bother me too much, don't worry about it.

 Then in October 2001, I went to my regular general practitioner doctor for cough I had. After he examined me he shook my hand he notice how both my hands were cold and blue. He asked what was going on. I told him that happens sometimes, especially when I get nervous. more.....

Update - April 2009,

I'm back......... Joanna Kim speaking. It's about time I get with you to inform on how I am doing and what I have done. Let me not keep you in suspense...I am great and working my job at full schedule. Let me skim over what has happened between May 2007 and now......more


Christopher's Story

Christopher Guadagnini of Santa Barbara, Calif. participant in the Dusty’s Place Scleroderma Research Program  

Start date - July 21st 2005

I first noticed that something peculiar was happening to my body in January of 1999 - more….

Update - August 2009,

When it comes to people having scleroderma I consider myself somewhat lucky. Lucky in that more….

Susan's Story

   Susan Proctor - Initial participant in the Dusty’s Place Scleroderma Research Program
Program start date August 13th 2003 - Finished program January 14th 2005

September 2004 - My name is Susan and I had been a nurse for 25 years when I was diagnosed with diffuse systemic scleroderma at age 43. It began with Raynauds,more...

June 2005 - Update: Since my graduation from the program in January 2005, my health continues to improve. After 18 months of hard work and detoxification, I am looking forward to integrating the many changes I made and assessing my level of health.more….

The Founder's Story


 Kimberly “Dusty” Leal

The following is a very brief overview of Ms Leal’s scleroderma experience. Look for the book chronicling her complete story to be published sometime in the latter part of 2011.

 I looked up at the paramedic and smiled weakly through the tears streaming down my face. “Sorry” he said after another failed attempt at getting a needle in my arm to start an IV.  Moving to my other side he tried the other arm...more....




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